Book Spotlight: Paper Crowns by Mirriam Neal

     When I first discovered Mirriam's blog, she had just begun work on Paper Crowns.   I was always eager to read the snippets that came out!   After commenting about how much I loved the story, Mirriam offered to let me beta the book.   Paper Crowns was the first book I ever beta-read!   When the story ended, I felt full.   It was almost as if I had been hungry for a unique story, and Mirriam's beautiful book hit the spot!   Ever since I finished reading that rough draft, I have been anxiously awaiting the publication in book form.   I remember telling Mirriam that I wanted it in print so badly so that I could carry it around and hold it in my hands.   My wish finally came true!

About the Book

Ginger has lived in seclusion, with only her aunt Malgarel and her blue cat, Halcyon, to keep her company. Her sheltered, idyllic life is turned upside-down when her home is attacked by messengers from the world of fae. Accompanied by Halcyon (who may or may not be more than just a cat), an irascible wysling named Azrael, and a loyal fire elemental named Salazar, Ginger ventures into the world of fae to bring a ruthless Queen to justice.

About the Author

Mirriam Neal is a twenty-two-year-old Northwestern hipster living in Atlanta. She writes hard-to-describe books in hard-to-describe genres, and illustrates things whenever she finds the time. She aspires to live as faithfully and creatively as she can and she hopes you do, too.

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  1. Love your post, Anna! I feel the same way about being hungry for a book like that and it being perfect! :D Eeek, I love your photo of it too!! I can't wait for my own copy to get here so I can hold it too! ^_^


  2. How cool that you got to beta-read it! :D


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